20 October 2005

Party time

It has been rather quiet at the Kwik-E-Mart today. Homer is in Guatemala, and Snake is in jail for the next few days, so there has not been much to do. To avoid boredom, I have been playing a lot of high energy dance music in the store. I decided to make a list:

Apu's Favorite High Energy Dance Songs that End with Explosions

1. Rang De (from Thakshak)
2. Dhoom Machale (from Dhoom)
3. La Copa de la Vida (by Ricky Martin)
4. Taal Se Taal Mila (Dance Remix) (from Taal)
5. Ishq Kamina (from Shakti)
6. Tunak Tunak Tun (by Daler Mehndi)

As the music fans among you have no doubt gathered, I have listed the songs in ascending order, based on the quality of the explosion at the end. Perhaps my readers would be so kind as to suggest other energetic dance songs that end with impressive musical explosions.

12 October 2005


Manjula and I have been enjoying the television show Lost. There is an Indian actor on the show named Naveen Andrews, but he doesn't play an Indian person, he plays an Iraqi soldier. Manjula won't admit it, but I think she finds him quite handsome. Normally I don't mind, because there is also a very lovely Korean woman on the show. But tonight as I was tenderly embracing Manjula the way I normally do on Wednesday evenings before my graveyard shift, I noticed a far away look in her eyes. I think she may have been pretending that I was this Naveen fellow. Later when she told me that she thought perhaps I should grow my hair a bit longer and wash it only once a week, I became even more suspicious.